​Buena Vista Landscaping is an organic landscaping company based in the Portland area.  We offer a full range of earth-friendly landscaping services and specialize in garden design, installation, and maintenance, including edible and native species gardens.   We also offer tree and shrub care and small scale stonework projects.  We are a coed team, owned and operated by women.

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Our Roots

Kate Sanders-Fleming is the owner and founder of Buena Vista Landscaping.  She planted her first carrot seeds when she was five, and got her first landscaping job in 2000.  In 2001 she met Roberta Hayes, her first green-thumbed mentor, who strengthened her dedication to organic, earth friendly practices.  Kate spent the next fifteen years landscaping, veggie farming, and making and teaching art in Rhode Island, Central America, New York, and Maine.  Along the way she earned her BFA in painting at RISD (2007).  In 2016 she decided to merge her passions for digging in the dirt, art making, and education, and Buena Vista Landscaping was  born.
In our third season now, we are going strong.  Kate's diverse gardening knowledge and creative vision are the foundation and backbone of the company.

As Buena Vista Landscaping grows, so does our crew of talented, nature loving crew members.  Soon we'll have photos and information about each one posted on this page.

Kate is especially thankful for her time with  Garden Endeavours, Peacemeal FarmBahner Farm, Grounds Crew, and  Lewis Brothers Landscaping for all she learned, and for their continued support.

What makes Buena Vista Landscaping Unique?

Earth Friendly:

Here at Buena Vista Landscaping we are dedicated to sustainable gardening practices that support a healthier ecosystem for us all.  These include using organic products, buying from local suppliers, and encouraging the use of native plants.

All your landscaping needs:

Whether you just need some weeding help, or want to redesign your yard from scratch, we are here to help.  We offer maintenance, design, installation of new gardens or re-working existing plantings, and more.

Garden to table:

Gardens can be both beautiful and bountiful!  We can help your garden provide you with vegetables, fruits, and herbs in garden beds that are still gorgeous to look at.  We can build and install raised beds for edible plantings, or help you find ways to incorporate edible plants into your ornamental gardens.


Empowering women:

We are a woman owned and operated business with a coed crew. We are proud to be working in a male-dominated field and we appreciate your business.


Want to learn more about gardening, or improve your skills?
  Let us know and we can do a private workshop in your garden customized to your interests.