1. Maintenance
    From weeding to mulching to planting to pruning, we can keep your garden beautiful and healthy all season. Ask us about the most affordable ways to keep your garden looking great!
  2. Design and Installation
    Design and Installation
    Want to beautify your yard, but not sure where to start? Let us help! Kate, our university trained designer, can create a custom design, work with you to make sure it's just right, and then we'll install it.
  3. Edible Gardens!
    Edible Gardens!
    Vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, and even edible flowers can be both beautiful and delicious. We can build you an all organic edible garden, or incorporate edibles into existing beds.
  1. Natives and Wildlife Gardens
    Natives and Wildlife Gardens
    Support our Maine ecosystem by planting natives! Let us help you transform your yard into a gorgeous haven of hardy, local plants that attract local birds and butterflies. They will help pollinate all your plants, which equals more blooms.
  2. Trees and Shrubs
    Trees and Shrubs
    Trees and shrubs add color, sculpture, shade, cleaner air, and soil stability to your gardens and yard. Selecting the right ones and caring for them is very important. We offer year round maintenance, as well as installation, transplanting, and removal.

Thank you for your business, and enjoy your gardens!